There are a lot of reasons why homeowners choose to remove their popcorn ceiling. They easily catch dust, are difficult to clean, hard to fix, unappealing to look at, and much more.  

Despite all of these drawbacks, popcorn ceilings were extremely popular back in the day. That is why if your house is old, chances are you’ve got a popcorn ceiling.  

If you’re planning to redo your ceiling and remove the old texture, there are a couple of tips you should consider.  

However, if you want to make your life a lot easier, you can just hire popcorn ceiling contractors for help. 

What’s the Ideal Method for Popcorn Ceiling Removal? 

There are several methods you can use to remove your old popcorn ceiling. However, the method you choose will vary on several factors. This includes the condition and age of your ceiling.  

For those who don’t know, there are two most common methods that homeowners use when removing their popcorn ceilings. These methods include scraping it and covering it.  

Covering Your Old Popcorn Ceiling with Drywall 

Covering your popcorn ceiling with drywall is an ideal option if you’ve got asbestos or lead paint. The reason for this is that you are encapsulating the dangerous substance rather than sending it airborne.  

In addition to that, drywall will provide you with the smoothest possible finish. This is especially true if you tape and mud it properly. If you’re planning to hire a professional, they can finish the job in no time if they use this method.  

This method is usually a bit expensive. The price of a regular drywall sheet runs around $9 per piece. Also, it can be extremely hard to maneuver the boards alone if you are doing it yourself.  

Furthermore, you will have to remove your crown molding and replace them if you’ve got them installed on your ceiling.  

When you choose this method, make sure you purchase a ceiling-grade drywall panel. They weigh a lot less compared to regular drywall panels. Then, you need to affix the panel right over the existing ceiling.  

You will have to screw the panel securely into the framing. If you want to achieve a seamless look, make sure you tape and mud it properly.  

Scraping Off the Popcorn Ceiling 

This is perhaps the most common method of removing a popcorn ceiling. It’s a slow and messy job. However, it’s the most affordable option and you can do it alone.  

Keep in mind that if your house is built before 1979, there is a huge possibility that the popcorn ceiling contains lead and asbestos. If these substances are sent airborne, they can cause health issues.  

Before you proceed with this method, hire a professional to test your home for asbestos and lead. Don’t use this method if your house tests positive for these materials.  

On the other hand, if you’re good to go, you will only need a drywall knife or a 4-inch utility knife to chip away the texture and create a smooth surface.  

Before you repaint your ceiling, you’ll need to sand it smooth.