Dental veneers are not created the same. There is no one-size-fits-all option. Because of this, the shade and shape that looks great on your friend might not look best on you. Thus, though your dentist will help you in your final option of veneers, it is vital to have an idea of how you want your veneers to look before you have them installed.  

Here are a couple of things to remember when choosing the right shade and shape of the top and bottom veneers USA for you.  

Choosing the Right Shape of Veneer 

Choosing the right shape is one of the most crucial tasks to address, aside from choosing the right shade. There are a couple of aspects that you have to think about when doing this. This includes: 

  • Your Age 

In general, teeth lose length when you age. Thus, lengthening your veneers can help you appear younger. Aside from that, you can smooth wrinkles around your mouth if you bulk up your teeth. You can also have fuller lips if you choose thicker front veneers. 

  • Your Gender 

More masculine smiles are often produced with square veneers. You should choose more rounded and softer veneers if you want to look more feminine.  

  • The Shape of Your Face 

The right veneers need to match the shape of your face. For instance, thinner and longer veneers can noticeable slim a round face. However, wider and shorter veneers will be ideal for you if you’ve got a long face. 

Choosing the Right Shade 

If you think that there’s only one shade of white, then you are wrong. There are a lot of various shades to choose from whenever you are choosing the right veneers. You’ve got to choose a shade that looks like a healthy and bright set of natural teeth.  

Keep in mind that your new smile will look unnatural if you choose an extremely white shade. This will not be aesthetically pleasing.  

Whenever you’re choosing the right shade for your veneers, here are a couple of tips to consider: 

  • If you’ve got a darker skin tone, you need to choose naturally occurring tooth shades. Also, you’ve got to steer clear from the bleaching shades. The reason for this is that they won’t look natural on you. 
  • If you’ve got a fair skin tone, you’ve got to choose the whitest shade. A lighter shade is vital to make your teeth appear white since fairer skin does not contrast with the color of the teeth very much.  
  • You should choose a shade with the same color as the whites of your eyes. Your veneers shouldn’t be whiter than your eyes’ whites.  

Aside from these things, you also have to talk to your dentist about the color layering of your veneers. This makes your veneers appear more natural. The reason for this is that actual teeth are translucent towards their edges and more opaque in the center. Whenever you’re planning to buy veneers, make sure you talk to a professional dentist to avoid any frustration.